What is "Alpha"?

Alpha is the idea of creating extraordinary value for a given risk profile. In our context, it means we build quality into everything we do, our employees and customers deserve the best.


Generate Alpha for our people, for our clients, and for the world.

Alpha Genesis Labs for Schools: Our specific mission is to to enable teachers and school administrators to focus on their mission: the students. We do this by harnessing the power of technology and data.


A world where work is joyful, difficult problems are just problems to be solved, everday people are heroes, everyday people deserve to enjoy their jobs through having simple, easy to work with, easy to look at, easy to use software so they can focus on what the human spirit and ingenuity can do, and all people are treated equally with humanity while leveraging data and common sense.

What We Do

At Alpha Genesis Labs, we work with schools to help make sense of all the data generated by all the applications used by the schools. We work with schools and school districts to enable educators and administrators understand how their schools and students are doing. We are data plumbers, data engineers, data analysts, data visualizers and data scientists.

Our Experience

Our experienced team has worked with many brands, software companies from startups to established growth companies, private/VC/PE-funded companies, and publicly traded companies. We bring this experience to work exclusively with schools and school data.

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