Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Alpha Genesis Labs is partnering with the leading cloud platform Google Cloud to enable companies to transform the way they run their business and prepare for an increasingly digital world and generation. While AGL is a newly formed, mission focused company, its founders and leaders have decades of experience in the cloud and software industry and are seeking to build a new generation of Google Cloud services partner for the new world.

What can we do for you?

You know you need to move to the cloud, let us help you. We come in and understand your business, and your strategic objectives and goals; and we apply our deep knowledge of the cloud to recommend a crawl, walk, run, fly path to the cloud that works for you and your company.

You are on the cloud, but your team is struggling to keep up and customers / product roadmaps are fighting with crucial infrastructure tasks that invariably go to the bottom of the queue. Let us manage your cloud infrastructure. We will study the current state, and while keep your up and running and updated will recommend best practices for infrastructure architecture and management that we will implement for you.

You are not ready to outsource management of your cloud infrastructure but you need to prepare for a security compliance audit coming up. Or you are not sure if your cloud, data, employees and customers are truly safe. We come in with a checklist of items to look for that we customize for your architecture and business needs.

Are your applications difficult to maintain, deploy and run? Let us help you transition your applications into serverless, containerized architecture that will enable you to scale and grow.